Tuesday, December 21, 2010

When your Power goes out (continued)

If your electricity goes out, and your entire street goes out at the same time the reason is that it is an electricity fault.  Like everything else with electricity this is complicated.
If you live in Taranaki, or the central Waikato, call your electricity retailer.
If you live anywhere else call your lines company.
If you don't know your lines company number call your electricity retailer.

9 times out of 10 they will already know of the fault, but even then they will be able to give you an accurate eta.  If they are not able to give an eta ask what the problem is.  Problems generally come in two varieties -

1) Lines down.  This is where electricity lines are down.  Usually this only happens in storms when the poles collapse.  This is will take 4-6 hours (maybe longer depending on where the lines are) to repair.
2) Broken feeder.  A feeder is generally a box on a power pole, electricity enters and exits the feeder.  A broken feeder is generally a blown fuse.  This take half an hour to fix as soon as the workman arrives.  Generally he will arrive in 1-2 hours.

If there is no eta and the problem is located this gives you a good timeframe.  The reason the network company has not given a timeframe is that generally they give very good and tight timeframes - 90 minutes really is 90 minutes.

If the cause is not known, most of the time is a broken feeder.

And as unhelpful as this seems there is almost no way to get someone there quicker.  Workmen finish their current jobs (if any) and move directly to the faulty area.  Unfortunately you do have to wait.

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