Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Power Bills set to rise by 8pc in March

We may have been a bit optimistic when we said that power prices increase in April and September, because this year the increases will occur in March (although they may only show on your April bill). 

The large electricity companies are all increasing their prices, and the NZ Herald has the headline of 8pc

This will keep happening.  Power prices are only going to go up and really the only thing you can do is to keep your electricity usage down.  (We of course recommend our Power Panda products)

High points from the article are that Mercury is increasing prices for 200,000 customers by 3.5%.  These customers are in the Auckland area, and almost certainly in the same area as the Genesis customers we previously mentioned.  (Meaning it's a lines company rise).  This price rise will occur on 1 April. 

It's the 246,000 Contact Energy customers who will see the large rise.  6-8% dependent on your area.  These price rises occur in every area except Hamilton and Dunedien.  Obviously Contact feels it can simply charge more.  These rises occur in March. 

The herald quotes a Mercury customer as saying (like most people) its a "swindle".  I wonder what the Contact customer's think. 

We at the Power Panda are not suprised, and we expect further rises as the year goes on (particularly in September). 

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