Friday, January 7, 2011

Are you considering changing your Power Company?

Are you considering changing your Power Company?  Maybe someone has knocked on your door offering you cheaper power, or maybe somebody has called you (usually at dinner time) asking if you are satisfied with the service you receive from your Power Company.

Should you switch?  That is the $150 (more or less, often less) a year question.  We can't answer that question directly for you but we can give you some advice.

1) Ensure that you are on the best plan with your current electricity company.  Every power company has two plans, a low user, and a high user plan.  Your plan is generally calculated on your yearly usage.
HOWEVER - when the salesperson asks you to switch they generally only look at the last electricity bill you received.  Bills in summer are lower bills, bills in winter are higher bills.  What this means is that the sales agent can quote you a rate that whilst it was cheaper for last month is more expensive overall.

2) Ask about fee!  In particular check to see if there is a fee for closing your account.  Check to see if there are any fees (such as bonds) for opening an account.  Ask what the fee is to move, and what fees there are if the electricity has been turned off.  For example Mercury charges an obscene amount when you move property and Genesis doesn't.  Moving twice at $100 a time will make savings disappear.

3) Power Companies give charges depending on how you pay, and discounts for paying in other methods.  Tell the Sales person how you pay your bills, ask them to confirm the price tey quoted and ask if there will be any fees for paying this method.

Hopefully between these three pieces of advice you will be able to see if you change Power Companies or not.

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