Friday, January 21, 2011

Genesis Energy emails customers incorrectly

Burried in our papers is the admission that Genesis Energy incorrectly estimated it's customer's electricity consumption.  The story is that Genesis Energy when reviewing it's customer's accounts sent out the incorrect information to 13,800 customers.

There are a few interesting things that this story raises:

1) Genesis Energy contacts every customer every year with this right plan promise.  I thought that it was an automated process.  What makes this mailout different?  Does Genesis Energy design the formulea each time it performs this right plan promise? 

2) A partial solution is found in the words the computer "failed to pick up different power-use figures."  Which suggests to us that maybe it's the fact that most of these customers had advanced meters and so something in the transfer happened that the automated system didn't correctly calculate the usage.

3) I really want to know how the problem was picked up.  How was it picked up half way through the mail out? 

4) Genesis Energy thinks that the average powerbill is about 8400Kw which equates to $2467.67 on Power across an entire year.  This means that that the average person will save $500-$750 a year with a Power Panda.  Excellent new.

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