Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Power Panda Savings Device (and other names)

We thought it would be a good oppertunity to talk about the various names that the Power Panda went through before lauching it to the market. 

Initially the name was "Electrical Savings Device".  This was boring, and unmemorable.  However whilst we did your trials in homes this was still the name we called it. 

We toyed with the idea of calling it "Green wire Savings Device" on the theory that using less electricity was green.  This was abandoned when we realised that there was a web and graphic company by the same name in New Zealand. 

The name "Kiwi Power Saver" was also considered by rejected because we wanted a more generic name as it is our eventual plan to sell the devices outside New Zealand. 

The next idea was to call it the Power Panda Savings Device.  We wanted the name to imply that it reduced the cost of electricity.  We selected the Panda because we wanted to convey the massive savings the device would provide, and also we feel that Power is valuable and becoming more and more rare (like the panda). 

However that name was  too long and we shortened it the Power Panda.  (Which is why our website is )

However when we launched the Total Saver some people have become confused between the two products so we may appropriate a title to the hot water device that indicates it only works with hot water. 

Hopefully that's been helpful and we'll be back talking about the electricity industry tomorrow.

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