Thursday, November 25, 2010

Back to complaints

We apologize for not posting yesterday, and when we posted on Tuesday it wasn't on the topic that we promised, so coming back to our normal schedule.

Something that we have seen happen is in complex situations the complaint often winds up in the wrong hands.  This is because there is often two types of complexity.  The first type is technical complexity, if a complaint regards technical details of your electricity supply, such as the specific frequency of the electricity or the loading you are being supplied you have a technically complex issue.
If however you have a long and protracted dispute over a long time this is a complexity due to length.  Often this means you've spoken with many different people who have all given you many different stories.

With a technically complex query you are better off speaking with a manager. The reason for this is that managers are promoted from the competent staff whilst the complaints team is often recruited externally.  This means that the complaints team are more skilled at handling difficult customers but managers know more about the technical aspect of electricity.  Thus they are more able to understand a technically complex issue.

However once you raise a complaint all of your issues are resolved with the one complaints person.  This person is probably the only person in a contact center who will call you back.
What it means is that your complaints person becomes highly familiar with your situation and so is less likely to screw up by not being aware of what has happened.
However with a manager the manager will take 3 minutes to 'review the account' (meaning they read the last three notes and then give you their opinion. They are not likely to call you back, and you will find it hard to get ahold of them again.  So when the dispute stretches across a long time go with the complaints team.

Hopefully now when your issues arise you know what to do.

We'll write again tomorrow.

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