Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mercury Energy's fixed price electricity

Yesterday we had one of the most fantastic letters arrive on our desk.  It was about a fixed price offer from Mercury Energy.  Strangely enough it was also mentioned in this article which puts it well when it says "Mercury Energy is offering fixed rates to selected Auckland consumers who must pay higher tariffs now to qualify for the deal, but face no increases until 2013."  
According to our letter you pay 10% more for electricity initially.

What this means is the Mercury Energy is expecting electricity prices to rise by more than 10% across three years.
Also Mercury Energy has put it's prices up in 1 July in anticipation of the emissions trading scheme.

Other power companies such as Genesis have not.

So how much is your Power going up by in the next three years?

You could buy a Power Panda and combat this rise, or ... well you can discuss your options.

Also see our other take on Mercury's fixed price offer here.  And see our further information on the fixed price plan here.

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