Tuesday, November 2, 2010

They are all as bad as each other

Well according to you they are all as bad as each other.  Once you get past the first section of the article you find that the real numbers are "Of the SOEs, Genesis fared worst over that time with the number of electricity customers down 3 per cent or 15,100 to 542,300."
Which means that despite large numbers of customers leaving each electricity company, they also acquire new customers.  
It's like a great big roundabout.  Customers leave one power company disgusted, and go to another, and are equally disgusted and move on.  This is because beneath all of the smooth talk all of the Power Companies charge you an arm and a leg and try desperately to provide you with less and less.  
It doesn't look like it will change at all, the companies are all the same and their prices keep going up and up.  
At the Power Panda we recommend our device as a way to reduce your power bill, as changing power companies just won't do it.  
You can find advice about reducing your electricity bill here  and most of it is very good, but even if you do everything it suggests you are still likely to save less than a Power Panda will save you.  

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