Monday, November 22, 2010

The Compliants team

On Friday we talked about asking to speak with a manager at your power company.  Now what might not be known is that in addition to managers there are also complaints teams at Power Companies. 

The complaints teams handle complaints that are either
1) Submitted in writting, or
2) Submitted by staff.  We at the Power Panda are not yet aware of any Power Company where the contact centre staff can submit complaints to the complaints team.  Usually only managers have this authority. 

The Complaints team are the last step before the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commission.  This means that the complaints team want to settle all complaints at $5000 or less.  (For reasons see our earlier blog post)  This also means that they have more power than Managers. 

In addition the Complaints team can also be more flexable in policy than managers.  This is because the Complaints team are graded (and their pay is dependent upon) solving as many complaints as possible.  The right or wrong doesn't matter as much as the resolution.  

However because they are managers complaints about staff and rudeness should go to managers who have more power to see this corrected.  However any time you want a different policy followed and a manager is not being helpful insist on putting a complaint through. 

Also if for any reason you want compensation, put a complaint in writing.  This gives you the best chance it will be seen by the people who can grant it. 

Hopefully this makes sense, tomorrow we'll come back and finish off some of the differences and some more specific situations when you would choose the complaints team over a manager.

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