Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ripple Relays in the South Island

For the more senior readers, they will remember when ripple relay meters were installed to give a much cheaper rate of electricity.

Lines companies can only carry so much electricity on their lines at any one time.  The ripple relay was used originally so that during hours of peak demand (i.e evenings) the lines company could stop the power to these meters and reduce the electricity used at that point in time.  Water in electric cylinders stays hot for several hours and so electric hot water cylinder were wired to these relays to get cheaper power.

Fast forward to now, and the Lines companies have not expanded their lines but they have more users.  Now the ripple relays are being cut more frequently at at many different hours as the Lines companies cannot carry all of the demanded electricity.

Things have been bad in Auckland for years now with revolving ripple cuts in order to ensure that the lines are not overloaded.

We just had a call from a customer in Christchurch who had his power cut from 8pm-10pm at night
What this means is that the Orion network have so much demand on their lines at this time they need to cut power to hot water cylinders.
Do you think they're building any more lines?

They are overloaded, so do you best to reduce your loading.  We recommend a Power Panda (of course) but if you have millions consider starting your own lines company and assisting all of us.

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