Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Power Panda and Savings

I got asked a question today, it's one I get asked a lot. In fact it's a question that gets asked of all of our staff a lot.
"Why should I buy a Power Panda when I can just turn my lights off and save the electricity that way?"
The answer is surprising to some people.
The simple answer is that an electric hot water cylinder accounts for 50-60% of a standard household bill. If we were to take the cylinder at my place, it uses 18 KwH of electricity a day.
If you have a 60W lightbulb it would mean running 12 lightbulbs for 24 hours a day means you use the same amount of electricity.
With my Power Panda my cylinder now uses 8.5KwH. So I could install a Power Panda or I could find 144 hours of lights bulbs I'm not using every day.
It's like turning off screens or appliances when you're not using them. You can certainly do this, but you have to turn off a lot of appliances.
It's a bit like washing your clothes in cold water, if you use cold instead of hot you save $50-$75 a YEAR
Cutting your shower time down by 1 minute day will save you $80 a year

Or you can buy a Power Panda and save 20-30% on every Power Bill.  And the best thing is that you just have to install it and it keeps running.  It's simple, effective, and the savings are significant.  It's not in the realm of $50, $75, or $80 a year, a Power Panda will save the average usage at least $500 in the first year.  It pays for itself in the first year, and it keep on running.  We have a 5 year warranty, and we expect it to last for longer.
But don't just take my word for it, see our testimonials of some of our satisfied customers.

And that is why we recommend the Power Panda above other energy saving ways.  It's not that you can't save energy by turning off lights, it's just you save so much more with a Power Panda.

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