Thursday, November 18, 2010

Something more positive

After some fairly depressive reflections on the electricity industry in New Zealand we thought it was time to mention something more positive.

It's more a marketing comment.  The Power Panda also extends the life of your element.  The reason for this is that the elements cause a massive influx of electricity into the cylinder when the cylinder starts to heat.
This electricity is not needed, and the Power Panda feeds the cylinder the correct amount of electricity.  This saves the customer about 9% of their electricity usage.

We remove that spike, and save the customer money.  However when elements 'blow' (which is the most common cause of damaged cylinders) it is due to this influx of electricity.  The element draws too much and breaks.  The Power Panda prevents the influx and extends the life of the cylinder.

However it's not something our marketing is geared towards.  Elements last 7-8 years anyway, and in our experience the average consumer doesn't feel a need to ensure that their element lasts longer.  We train our sales agents in these facts because occasionally they are useful, but we've yet to have any report that this information gained them a sale.

There was some discussion early on as to whether we should advertise this feature, and we now think we made the right decision not to.  But it does make you think about what other items are being marketed via 'useless features'

For example, why do manufacturers of Baking Soda not put "Fantastic cleaner" on the box and put it with the cleaning products?   We use baking soda to clean regularly, and hardly ever for cooking, yet it's still in the cooking isle.  

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